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 Ten Imaginary Years

written by
Lydie Barbarian, Steve Sutherland and Robert Smith
published by Fiction/Zomba Books
ISBN 0-946391-87-4
Order No. OP45293
year 1988
pages 128
Ten imaginary years[11K]
Exclusive Distributors:
Book Sales Limited
8/9 Frith Street, London, W1V 5TZ, UK
Music Sales Corporation
225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003, USA
Music Sales Pty Limited
Lisgar House, 30-32, Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW2000, Australia
a double-page[18K]

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[cover: 40K, double-page: 45K]

The back side of it says;
at last! here it is! the inside watching it all side by...TEN IMAGINARY YEARS. the open true and dreaming story of the Cure. the authorized! the official! the real! and the only. truth and lies from the mouth that count. and the reasons why and the reasons why not... the answers. the explanations. the obscurities and all the ways to skin a cat.... so take the tail and read your way back... The official Cure biography Containing direct source material and many previously unpublished photographs. One look is not enough.

Yes! This is the OFFICIAL Cure biography!
However, it was published 11 years ago. It's about time to be the second edition out, isn't it?

An official newsletter "Curenews 17" said:
1997 will see the long awaited follow-up to "ten imaginary years" entitled 'more imaginary years' written by journalist johnny black.

The Cure's official biography "More Imaginary Years" would be out by Christmas in 1997, but there has been no announcement about it until now...

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