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New Day title[1K] Sheet Music

 Concert - The Cure Live

transcribed by
Hiroshi Mukai
published by SCORE HOUSE
co-operated by VAP
ISBN 4-915591-27-1
year 1985
pages 132
out of print
a double-page[18K]

Click the pictures to see their larger versions.
[cover: 26K, double-page: 48K, tab-page: 116K]

Japanese sheet music book, Songs transcribed are as follows;
Shake Dog Shake / Primary / Charlotte Sometimes / The Hanging Garden / Give Me It / The Walk / One Hundred Years / A Forest / 10:15 Saturday Night / Killing An Arab

These songs are the same tracks as the album "Concert-The Cure Live". I don't know about the sheet music, but it seems to me that the Japanese sheet music is different from the official music book " Standing On A Beach" because it's transcribed from live performances. As the title of the book says so, music was taken from that album, I think. Includes several b/w photos taken from a video "The Cure Live In Japan".

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