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music arrangements by Matt Cowe.
music processed by Digital Music Art.
published by Fiction Songs Limited.
printed in the United Kingdom
by Caligraving Limited.
ISBN 0-7119-9215-0
year 2001
pages 152

Order No. AM972862
Exclusive Distributors
Music Sales Limited
8/9 Frith Street, London, W1B 3JB, England
Music Sales Pty Limited
120 Rothschild Avenue,Rosebery, NSW 2018, Australia

color section[14K]
Color Section Pages 2 & 3
Image manipulation by Robert Smith

color section4[6K]
Color Section Page4
photography by Julian Abraham

Boys Don't Cry
/ A Forest/ Let's Go To Bed / The Walk / The Lovecats / The Caterpillar / Inbetween Days / Close To Me / Why Can't I Be You? / Just Like Heaven / Lullaby / Lovesong / Pictures Of You / Never Enough / High / Friday I'm In Love / Mint Car / Wrong Number / Cut Here / Just Say Yes

All the tracks from the album arranged for guitar tablature and standard notation, complete with lyrics and chord symbols.

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[cover: 49K, Color Section pages 2 & 3: 62K, Color Section page 4 : 54K, TAB : 46K]

TAB [7K]

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