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 La Thérapie de Robert Smith

The Second Edition

written by Sébastien Raizer
published by
Éditions du Camion Blanc

ISBN 2-910196-03-B
year 1995
pages 154
out of print
La Thérapie de Robert Smith (Franch edition)[5K]
La Thérapie de Robert Smith Second edition (Franch edition)[11K]

The Third Edition

written by Sébastien Raizer
published by
Éditions du Camion Blanc

35bis, rue Sadi Carrot, F-54220 Malzéville, France
Fax 0383-21-65-72
ISBN 2-910196-03-B
year September 1995

pages 192

The back side of it says;
When the punk movement of 1977 is at its last noises, a provincial trio issues its first album, a sort of adolescent manifest at its origin.
The originality and the verve of these pop - songs with existentialist tendency don't leave many parts of the world indifferent. When the trend is to destroy uber alles, these three musicians united under the medicinal name of Cure, inject Camus and Shelley of their stylistic compositions.
All the ingredients of the rich and insatiable career of The Cure are contained inside this first work, particularly the melodic sensibility of its leader Robert Smith.
Evolver of a minimalist concept where the estethic research is made through sobriety, and through the harmonic entanglements of the latest albums, he didn't stop etching melopoeias carved following his moods and his nightmares.
Behind the endless Cure universe, he has the dreams and the tenacity of an artist to his ideals, and his unalterable thirst to create a musical style suitable to his emotions. Cure is - at the same time - virus and medicine for the therapy of Robert Smith.

(translated by Carlo Simula)
double-page [7K]
Click the pictures to see their larger versions.
[cover left: 25K, cover right: 21K, double-page: 22K]
It is an official French edition with black and white photographs taken by Youri Lenquette. Its discography part is made by Carlo Simula, an Italian writer on The Cure. The second edition was made only 2,000 copies, and was already sold out. Only the third edition is available now.

Special thanks to Mr. Carlo Simula for all of information on the book and the picture of the second edition's cover.

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