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THE CURE - POLETKO PANA BOBA (Polish edition)[12K]
written by Jerzy Rzewuski
published by ISKRY

ISBN 83-207-1553-9
year 1997
pages 318
double-page [10K]

Polish edition. It's the thick book which consists of 302-text-pages in b&w and 16-color-picture-pages. Although I can't understand Polish, it seems to me that the book has full of information on The Cure, like biography from 1977 to 1996 and discography from albums to promo copies. It also has profiles of The Cure, even temporary members like Roberto Suave and so on. Each color page has a picture of The Cure and some of the pictures I have not ever seen anywhere else.

Special thanks to Fozzie and ballbreaker666.

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