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[cover: 19K / double-page: 17K]
THE CURE (Turkish edition)[8K] edited by H.Levent Erseven
published by Stüdyo Imge

Zeynep Sultan Camii Sok.No:21 Alemdar Mah. Cagaloglu - 34410 - Istanbul
ISBN 975-7437-22-0
year 1996
pages 128
a double-page[7K]
Turkish booklet[1K]

Turkish edition. It is a small book, almost the same width as a paperback but its height is shorter. Contains a biography written in Turkish, and lyrics of 28 songs written in English and Turkish. Almost all of pictures in it are familiar ones and 90% of them are the same pictures carried on a book "The Cure Songwords 1978-1989".
The book also has a 32-page booklet titled "Wild Mood Swings", which contains only lyrics of 9 songs from the album "Wild Mood Swings". The book and the booklet are both printed in black and white.

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