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C u r e L i n k s !


The official Cure page has not updated as much as I expected though...
there are lots of great Cure pages maintained by huge Cure fans.
Have fun!
And remember to come back to "New Day" (hopefully!).

Want logotype

"Want!" is the one and only Cure fan club here in Japan. I run it with my friends and work for its website. Although it has only Japanese pages, parts of texts are in English and there are over 500 pictures of The Cure's releases etc.

Before you visit there please notice the following:
If your computer doesn't have a system for Japanese language, it shows only an odd text like "*#%@*~#$". Please don't upset about it.

Then here is a link to
The Cure Fan Club "Want!"

The official Cure page
Maintained by Robert and Roger! Say no more...

stiff as toys and tall as men
This is a MUST for any Cure fans. It's the first Cure page I visited four years ago, and has been one of the best sources of The Cure.

The Cure Concerts
Includes useful information on The Cure's live performances.

A Chain Of Flowers
It's updated almost everyday. The best page for The Cure's news!

The Cure In Brazil
Brazilian Cure Homepage, includes lots of unique information and pictures.

M i s t y
A Japanese fan page maintained by Tsukamop, one of the Cure fan club members.

A Cure link page maintained by Todo, a Japanese Cure fan.
I love her work. It's really cool!

Pictures of The Cure
You can see lots of beautiful and unique pictures of The Cure here.
Andreas, a friend of mine is the owner of this site.

A French Cure fan page. Includes a unique Cure picture taken by the owner of the page and the Cure's discography written in French.

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