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New Day title[1K] The Cure Japan Discography


92 minutes
Universal (UIBP-1003)
December 2001
a collection of videos with an acoustic live and three hidden videos.

front : Click the picture to see its larger version [49K].

Boys Don't Cry
A Forest
Let's Go To Bed
The Walk
The Lovecats
Inbetween Days
Close To Me
Why Can't I Be You?
Just Like Heaven
Never Enough
Friday I'm In Love
Mint Car
Wrong Number
Cut Here
Just Say Yes
Acoustic hits:
A Forest
The Lovecats
Close To Me
Friday I'm In Love
Just Say Yes
Hidden videos
The Caterpillar
Close To Me - closer mix
Pictures of You
Japanese copy includes three hidden videos as well as UK or USA copy. To access them, enter 13 on each of the song selection screens; "The Caterpillar" on menu A, "Close To Me - closer mix" on menu B and "Pictures of You" on menu C.
backside : Click the picture to see its larger version [51K].

picture disc[7K]
picture DVD : Click the picture to see its larger version [25K].

An announcement about a release of the DVD in Japan is a welcome news for every Japanese Cure fan who likes watching the Cure's videos. Because the DVD has a regional code, Japanese DVD player can't play any DVD made in Europe or USA. And then, there's an announcement that laser disc player were no longer manufactured. I was so shocked to hear that, because I love all of the Cure's laser discs so much. Obviously, quality of picture with laser discs is far better than VHS videos. So I expected the Cure's first DVD with the same good quality of picture as the laser disc though..., I have to say I am so disappointed the picture of the DVD. I don't know what they left, but some of video clips are not clear and sharpen, actually, worse than VHS video!
I hope and pray my laser disc player will last long... And then hope all of the Cure's laser discs will be released as DVD with the same quality of their pictures. Anyway, I love its extra tracks part though... Yes, the Acoustic Hits is!!! Since I'm always keen on watching the Cure's live, it's only natural that any of the Cure's live pictures pleases me so much!

On 19th February 2003, it was reissued as a limited edition at bargain price. Its catalogue number is "UIBP-9005". The DVD disk's the same as first edition but it does not include the 4 pages color booklet.

The first edition has two booklet, 4 pages color with track listings and 16 pages b/w with lyrics both in Japanese and English.

The limited edition (UIBP-9005) does not have
the 4 pages color booklet
but with 16 pages b/w booklet and
a sticker of the price on the cover.

limited edition[16K]

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