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New Day title[1K] The Cure Japan Discography


34 mins.
VAP 66011-68
December 1985
front side of Beta copy[24K]
Play for today
The hanging garden
Let's go to bed
The walk
The lovecats
The caterpillar
In between days
Close to me

lyric sheet[5K]
lyric sheet
spine of Beta copy[5K]
reverse of Beta copy[14K]
I jumped for joy, when I saw an ad for this video in a music magazine in 1985. It's just a collection of nine of The Cure's videos, but in Japan we had few opportunities to see their videos at that time. I saw each of them in it for the first time, except "The Lovecats", "The Caterpillar" and "In Between Days". Actually it was my favourite video then, I frequently saw it until another compilation-video " Staring At The Sea" was released.

I heard that its title was named by Robert himself. "Tea Party" sounds so lovely and it really appears to be The Cure, doesn't it?
I like it so much and for this reason, the video is still one of my greatest treasures.

An ad for the video appeared in a few music magazines in 1985. ad.[19K]
A pre-ordered copy has the special sticker.
VHS copies(66011-68) were released at the same time.
Here are three pictures of it.
Front cover[28K] / Reverse[28K] / Spine[11K]

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