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DCC Wish Polydor POXP-1001, November 1992

From the edge of the deep green sea
Wendy time
Doing the unstuck
Friday I'm in love
A letter to elise
To wish impossible things
front side[20K]
backside of the case

I don't want to admit it, but this is a worthless thing related to The Cure I've ever got. Because I have NOT yet listened to this and maybe won't have a chance to do.

DCC (digital compact cassette) appeared in 1992 at the same time MD (mini disc) did. When DCC player/recorder's advertisements were carried in almost all of newspapers, I doubted if it would become popular. Compared DCC with MD, it seemed to me that no one chose DCC but MD. DCC looked like a DAT but I heard its sound quality wasn't better than DAT. Its size was bigger than MD, and moreover DCC was inferior in functions to MD. Only one good point was that DCC player could play common audio cassette tapes as well. It didn't attract me at all. However, I noticed there was The Cure's "Wish" DCC released!

I bought The Cure's DCC anyway because I thought it's surely one of unique Cure releases and I was interested in how DCC "Wish" was different from CD in sound, though I couldn't afford to buy DCC player/recorder because of its high price. I was wondering if it would become reasonable price someday, but it would never happen!
To my surprise, DCC player/recorder disappeared just in a few years. There is no DCC nowaday, so this became just a collective thing... At least it must be one of the rarest Cure Japanese releases though.

front side of DCC tape
spine of tape[1K] spine of DCC tape

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