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/ May 1989
CROSSBEAT No.05 / May 1989[12K]
Click the cover of the magazine or here to see its double-page[24K].

It included the interview with Robert and the discography, 10 pages (4pp. printed in colour, and 6pp. in black and white) with nice pictures by Tom Sheehaw, Youri Lemquette, Hideo Kojima and Koh Hasebe.

The interview was 8-page long. It's a bit important interview for Japanese Cure fans because it was one of a few interviews held by a Japanese interviewer from 1988 to 1995.

The interviewer, Sachiko Naganuma did a good job, she asked lots of neat questions all of Cure fans liked to know. That's why Robert answered thoroughly about "Disintegration", The Cure's live performances, his co-members, his songwords and his marriage.

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