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Fool's Mate No.71
/ August 1987
Fool's Mate No.71 / August 1987[10K]
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The Cure came to Japan to promote the album "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" from 24th May to 30th May, 1987. Several magazines had a chance to interview them at that time, and this is one of two magazines carried The Cure on the cover.
It included the interview with Robert Smith, Simon Gallup and Laurence Tolhurst, 5pp. printed in black and white. Five pictures in it were taken by Kenji Matsubara, a Japanese photographer.

Much to my regret, the interview was terrible.
I couldn't understand what Ms. Youko Nemoto, an interviewer intended to. She just tried to prove how Robert looked like a cat... During the interview, she asked them about a lot of things; "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me", Easy Cure, The Cure's music, the world, reincarnation and their life-styles.
Because the interviewer didn't ask them deeply, they couldn't answer what they really wanted to express their thoughts. It seems to me that she was somewhat busy to relate Robert and cats.

Just one thing I was impressed was that Robert tore up a music magazine to show how he hated other bands in so-called TOP 50! (and how he felt disgusted at her?)

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