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Gargoyle Vol.1
/ May 1988
Gargoyle Vol.1 / May 1988[13K]
Click the cover of the magazine or here to see its first page[11K].

It was the first issue of the magazine called "Gargoyle", the editors chose The Cure on their first cover. Certainly, it received the applause of Japanese Cure fans.

The magazine included two articles of The Cure totally 11 pages. The first one was the interview with Robert, titled "Kissing to be clever".
3 pages are printed in colour, and 4 pages in black and white, with beautiful pictures by Andy Catin and Paul Cox. Its original text was Melody Maker December 5, 1987, translated into Japanese by Ryuji Nagatsuka.

The interview with Robert was held by Chris Roberts at Brussels during the kissing tour in Europe.
It's one of my favourite interviews, Robert frankly talked about kissing, his songwords, his favourite books and so on.

Another article was a kind of Robert's diary, titled "Three Imaginary Weeks". 4pp. printed in colour with nice pictures by Michael Putland and Peter Anderson.
You can read his diary from March 14 to April 4, 1987 during The Cure South America tour. Reading his diary is amazing to say the least.

Actually its original text is written by Robert himself, which appeared in Melody Maker May 30, 1987.
I like reading the Japanese translation by Ryuji Nagatsuka, but I wanted to read the original text... I had been looking for it since then. And now, a kind soul, Maria from Canada has sent me a photocopy of it! I've made the html version of "Three Imaginary Weeks" with Maria's support. And certainly, it's worth reading!

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