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/ August-September 1989
NEWSWAVE 21 / August-September 1989[11K]
Click the cover of the magazine or here to see its double-page[27K].

It included one interview, two reviews and the discography. There were 10 pages all printed in black and white.
The interview with Robert was originally carried in SKY 1989, held by Simon Witler, translated into Japanese by Aki Matsunaga. Robert talked about "Disintegration", The Cure's fans, The Smith, and so on.

In the meantime, two reviews were both made by Japanese writer. One was titled "Sting Me Sting Me Sting Me" referring to The Cure's music-style. It was written by Dai Onojima, an editor of the magazine.
Another one was written by one of Cure fans, Mieko Watagai. Both reviews were not meaningful, I thought they were a bit boring.

The discography was acceptable but not complete, only 2 pages were not enough to list all of The Cure's releases.

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