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/ June 1992
rockin'on / June 1992[14K]
Click the cover of the magazine or here to see its double-page[21K].

"rockin' on" is one of the reliable music magazines here in Japan, and this was the first issue The Cure appeared on its cover. This issue included an interesting interview with The Cure. All printed in colour all through 8 pages. Pictures were taken by Zamma and Paul Slattery.

Souichirou Tanaka, an interviewer (also known as a huge Cure fan) went to England to interview The Cure before the album "Wish" was released. They talked about "Wish", its songwords, other bands, the world, and the gap between a make-believe and a reality. Robert seemed to be a bit gloomy (or tired?) but the interview was fruitful overall.

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