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Viva Rock No.64
/ July 1987
Viva Rock No.64 / July 1987[16K]
Click the cover of the magazine or here to see its double-page[34K].

Since Robert has come to Japan only three times, there are not many pictures of him taken by Japanese photographers. And this is the one and only magazine carried one of them on the cover. It was taken at Sibuya Seibu SEED-kan in Tokyo during their Kiss Me promotional tour in June 1987.

The magazine also included 4-page interview with The Cure printed in colour. The interview was held in a bus on thier way to the Chiba TV studio. Robert talked about the album "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me", The Cure's video clips and his impression of Japan. He thought Japan was very odd because some part of it was too much modern but the rest was too much old. (That's true. I admit.) He also talked that he was interested in Yasunari Kawabata, a Japanese author, and that The Cure would come back to Japan in spring 1988 (it never happened though!).

I found it very funny that some episodes during the interview were reported. At the beginning of the interview, Robert had a bit difficulty with talking because his mouth was full of two pieces of candys called "Milky"! It's sweet and delicious but sticky! And then Simon imitated Godzilla roaring loudly in the bus in order to show how he was excited at his first visit to Japan.

Special thanks to Ms. Ryoko Kodama.

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