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Welcome to this page of e-mails that I have received during the last few months. Some messages are questions and some are my answers to questions. If you happen to know the answer to a question that doesn't appear to be answered, feel free to e-mail the person who asked the quesion directly and cc: me at stuart@gol.com

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Causeway between Iona and Mull
christening of Tarnith Kelly Jun-Jul97 Iona
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Celtic Christianity
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Info on Celtic Saints
celtic weddings
Book Review: The Wisdom of the Celts, David Adam
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Saint Brigid

John Ebert (ebert@earthlink.net) wrote
on Fri, 17 Jan 1997 12:07:03 +0000 :

I am trying to find out anything at all about a Saint named Brigid.
Though Baptized Catholic, I have never been instructed in the faith.
However, the name Saint Brigid comes to my mind so often, that I have
decided to find out what I can about her.I am so very intrigued as to
why this name so often appears in my thoughts.
Jean F. Ebert

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Scott Wance (macavity@vt.edu) wrote
on Thu, 30 Jan 1997 10:24:42 -0500 :

I'm a grad student at Virginia Tech, and I'm working on a hypertext
project regarding Christianity's introduction onto the British Isles,
and I was wondering if you might know of any scholarship sources good
for my research. I fyou know of any, I'd appreciate any help you can
give me.

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Celtic Tour

"Mary L. Allen" (marya@infowest.com) wrote
on Thu, 30 Jan 1997 11:18:59 -0701 (MST) :

I wrote you a while ago about my Celtic Pilgrim trip and you posted
the information,. Since then I've changed my email address and now
have a small web page as well. My email address is
marya@infowest.com. The web page address is
www.infowest.com/m/marya/TOUR.HTM. I'd appreciate your posting and
linking if possible!
The Rev. Mary L. Allen
Mary L. Allen

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Celtic Books

Steven Dale (Steven_Dale@compuserve.com) wrote
on Thu, 30 Jan 1997 17:13:10 -0500 (EST) :

Rev. Ray Simpson has written a couple of books on Celtic material:
"Exploring Celtic Spirituality: Historic Roots for our Future."
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 0-340-64203-3 Price 7.99 Pounds
And, coming out soon:
"Celtic Worship Through The Year" - for those
wishing to follow a Celtic pattern in daily prayer and worship is
available from February 1997 Pub. by Hodder and Stoughton
16.99 Pounds Hdbk. ISBN 0-340-69440-8
8.99 Pounds Pbk.ISBN 0-340-68667-7.
More info is available on my homepage:

(has pages for those without frames capable browsers).

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Re: Celtic Christian Festival

George Dobbs (G3RJV@gqrp.demon.co.uk) wrote
on Thu, 30 Jan 1997 23:09:01 +0000 :

St. Aidan's Church, Sudden, Rochdale. OL11 3HE. UK
on SEPTEMBER 12-13-14 1997
George Dobbs G3RJV "It is vain to do with more
The G QRP Club what can be done with less"
g3rjv@gqrp.demon.co.uk William of Occum (1290-1350)
St.Aidan's Vicarage, 498 Manchester Road, Rochdale, OL11 3HE. U.K.

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"The Abells" (abells@concentric.net) wrote
on Thu, 6 Feb 1997 07:30:27 -0500 :

I am having trouble finding Celtic Christianity books- in particular, De
Waal and Adams. Any suggestions? I have tried Books and Company, and they
have a couple of De Waal's works, but none of the others on your list.
Cindy Loomis-Abell

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Celtic Worship Through the Year

Steven Dale (Steven_Dale@compuserve.com) wrote
on Fri, 7 Feb 1997 18:51:37 -0500 :

A new book by Rev Ray Simpson is about to be published by Hodder &
Stoughton. See:

for more info!

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Causeway between Iona and Mull

RedCarr1@aol.com wrote
on Thu, 20 Feb 1997 19:05:39 -0500 (EST) :

There is talk of the possibility of building a causeway between
Iona and Mull. There have been various meetings about it and at the last
community council meeting a vote of 36 to 16 were in favour of it going to a
feasibility study. Although I'm not there any more, obviously I am much in
contact - many of my friends would leave if this happens.

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christening of Tarnith Kelly Jun-Jul97 Iona

Doug Kelly - Woodstock Music (dougal@vision.net.au) wrote
on Sat, 15 Feb 1997 22:55:32 +0000 :

Hoping you can help me with arrangements and information concering the
christening of my 5th child, Tarnith Anushka Kelly,. We intend to
travel from Australia to Iona in June - Jul 97 (soon) and hope to make
contact with the celtic orthodox church re same. Can you help us?

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Prayer Book

smit996 (smit996@ibm.net) wrote
on Wed, 19 Feb 1997 22:10:23 -0600 :

Stuart I'm trying to find out if the Iona Community uses a prayer book
and if they do where i can purchase one. i have been unsuccessful in
getting the address for Wild Goose Publications, which is where i think
i could find out. I'm living in Chicago so I'm unable to find out here
in the states. Any help would be appreciated.
Richard (Reverend) W Smith--- Smit996@ibm.net

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"celtic knots"

vidar tvedten (vtvedten@sn.no) wrote
on Sun, 23 Feb 1997 01:20:05 -0800 :

I`ve had a look on your links, but I can`t seem to find what I`m
looking for! I know it`s not exactly celtic christianity, but I`ve
searched the net a lot of times without results, so I hope you can
help me.
I`m trying to get hold of drawings of old celtic "knots".(Hope you
know what I mean, some people have them for tattoos around their arm
for instance.) I find them very fascinating, and I can`t seem to get
hold of any here were I live (Norway). I really hope that you know
about a website or a book for instance, it would make me extremely
If you don`t seem to get up with anything, thanks for your page
anyway. But if you do, you can mail me on my boyfriends address:
Love Merete

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Celtic Christianity

Mathias Paul Blanchard (mpaulb@netcom.com) wrote
on Wed, 26 Feb 1997 16:37:34 -0800 :

I would be very interested in any information you would have regarding
Celtic Christianity in modern times?
We at the Holy Celtic Church are of the notion that the Celtic Church
really died out some many centuries ago and live only in our hearts.
Fr. M. Paul Blanchard, Holy Celtic Church

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Dennis McCarthy wrote
on Fri, 28 Feb 1997 15:42:43 -0500 :

I am pleased to announce the electronic publication of:
(Edited from MS. in Bibliotheque Royale, Brussels).
Translated from the Irish
With Introduction
[Member, Royal Irish Academy]
University College, Cork.
I made both an HTML and a TXT version at:


Each is about 99K
Feel free to copy and repost either file and adding any server information
as needed to the file's footer.
Please DO NOT establish links to the above URLs. Because of the graduation
of my webmaster I do not know how long my URLs will be valid. If you
decide to give these files a more permanent home, please write me and tell
me the URL.
Created From:
Rev. P. Power. Life of St. Declan of Ardmore, and Life of
St. Mochuda of Lismore. London: Irish Texts Society, 1914.
[Manuscript 4190-4200, Royal (Burgundian) Library, Brussels]
I scanned, typed, and vigorously proofread this work by myself; I claim NO
rights to this transcription. This is a hobby for me. These texts carry
no warranty of any kind.
Because this text is over 75 years old, it is public domain in the United
States. I do not know when the editor/translator died, so I do not know
its copyright status elsewhere.
The "Life" is a pious (if somewhat embellished and fanciful) account of St.
Declan and his fifth century apostleship in southern Ireland beginning a
few years prior to St. Patrick's mission. This translation was published
in 1914. The original account is much older. The translator states in his
introduction: "we cannot trace the genealogy of the present version beyond
middle of the sixteenth century, but...we should not perhaps be far wrong
in assigning the first collection of materials to somewhere in the eighth
century or in the century succeeding."
The source for this text includes an introduction, Irish text & English
translation on facing pages, and notes. The introduction and the notes are
quite lengthy and should take longer to transcribe than the English text.
Except for the part of the introduction specific to the "Life of Declan"
and a few notes transplanted in brackets to the body of the text I have not
transcribed them. Due to inexperience with the Irish language and its
alphabet/font I have decided not to attempt to transcribe the Irish text.
Hopefully someone with the appropriate talent and interest will undertake
that task some day. I have corrected the errata as indicated in the source
and a few obvious printer errors. Please note that this text is full of
variant spellings of names and words sometimes inconsistently applied.
For more information please refer to the footer of each of mile files.
Dennis McCarthy

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Prayer Cells

PLeDune@aol.com wrote
on Sun, 2 Mar 1997 08:56:45 -0500 (EST) :

Do you know anything about the significance of crossroads (ie the
intersection of two ancient highways) and Celtic prayer cells ??
Any info would be appreciated
Philip Le Dune

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Info on Celtic Saints

Martin Brown (72370.545@CompuServe.COM) wrote
on 06 Mar 97 21:07:09 EST :

I am writing to you to request any information that you may have
on St. Colman. My 13 year old son, Brendan, is approaching his
Confirmation this spring. He has done a bit of research and is interested
in taking the name Colman. If you have any info on the life of St. Colman
(or St. Brendan for that matter) he (we) would be very appreciative.
Betsy Brown

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celtic weddings

ScrappyMon@aol.com wrote
on Fri, 7 Mar 1997 18:04:50 -0500 (EST) :

I'm trying to find out about the exchanging of handkerchiefs in historical
celtic weddings as portrayed in the motion picture Braveheart. If you have
any information you could pass on it would be most appreciated. Thanks,

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Book Review: The Wisdom of the Celts, David Adam

"Stuart Woodward" (stuart@gol.com) wrote
on Sat, 8 Mar 1997 09:21:01 +0900 :

When I saw a book by David Adam that I hadn't seem before in the
www.amazon.com listings, I clicked my mouse and ordered it right away.
Living in Japan, mail order is my main source of Celtic Books.
When it arrived I was surprised by several things.
Firstly the size, it is a palm top, pocket sized book of only 48 pages.
Secondly, the content, it is not a typical David Adam book in that it is a
collection 30 Celtic Christian prayers and poems which all seem to be from
traditional sources. I don't think he contributes any of his own prayers to
this book.
Lastly, the design and layout of the book. Even thoough it is tiny, it is
lavishly decorated with manuscript like backgrounds, small extracts from
illuminated manuscripts and overlayed knot work. In most cases the black
text printed over a photographic background is not too hard to read, but it
might not be suitable for someone who has a problem reading low contrast
text. The design of this book has given me a lot of ideas for the layout
and design of my webpage. I don't think this book could have produced 5
years ago.
The short poems and prayers are drawn from the familiar sources such as St.
Patrick, Columbanus, Carmina Gadelica, Poems of the Western Highlanders,
St. Columba, etc. So if you have a large collection of Celtic Prayers you
may have many of them already.
"The Wisdom of" series aims to provide a poem or prayer as a daily
meditation, one for every day of the month. With a short introduction to
Celtic Christianity by David Adam, this book would make a fine starter for
someone wanting to add a Celtic touch to their prayer life. It would also
be a good book for congregations who wanted to add Celtic content to their
worship, just replace one of your standard prayers with the prayer for the
day from this book.
The Wisdom of the Celts
Compiled and introduced by David Adam
ISBN 0-8028-3833-2

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Your Celtic Page

Sean O' Callaghan wrote
on Mon, 10 Mar 1997 14:13:58 GMT :

I would be grateful if you could put some info on your page for me. I run a
ministry group called "Breakthrough Ireland" which is dedicated to prayer
for growth in Churches in Ireland. I am very encouraged by the current rise
of interest in Celtic prayer and feel that God will use it to generate
prayer for Ireland and other Celtic nations. If anybody would like more
info. about Breakthrough Ireland, please write to
Breakthrough Ireland,
P.O. Box 134,
Kent CT10 2GJ
We do not as yet have an E-Mail address or Internet page, but plan to in the
near future.
Slan go foill,
Sean O' Callaghan

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Dennis McCarthy wrote
on Tue, 18 Mar 1997 09:08:41 -0800 :

* This notice is intended for webmasters *
* of sites that have posted the e-text *
* of the "Life of St. Declan of Ardmore" *
* or are considering doing so. *
* *
* Please ignore if this does not apply to you. *
In my original announcement I stated that the "Life of St. Declan of
Ardmore" because it is over 75 years old, it is public domain in the United
States. I also stated that I do not know when the editor/translator died,
so I do not know its copyright status elsewhere.
However, I was not clear on this point in the footer of the file itself.
Therefore (to cover my asterix) I changed the original footer from:
The above published source and this electronic
transcription are public domain.
Electronic Transcription 1997 Dennis McCarthy.
The above published source is public domain under the
terms of Title 17, United States Code, Section 304(b)
[Copyright Act of 1976]. The transcriber does not claim
to know the copyright status of this publication outside
of the United States.
Electronic Transcription 1997 Dennis McCarthy,
no rights reserved.
This electronic transcription is public domain.
Depending on your "guts factor," you may want to change this in the file
on your server. My updated files are still at:


Only the footer changed, the text proper remains untouched.
My apologies is this causes any inconvenience.
Dennis McCarthy

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