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What is Celtic Christianity? Check this one page resource: Celtic Spirituality.
What is the origin of the Celtic Cross?
Nobody really knows but there is a pre-Christian stone circle which has the form of a celtic cross. Celtic Art Net has a page about the Celtic Cross. Stephen Walker has produced a page on the Celtic Cross: History and Symbolism.

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Open Directory - Celtic Christian Section

I kicked off the Open Directory Project's Celtic Christianity Section. The Open Directory is a Yahoo like directory with the important distinction that anyone can sign up to manage a category. This means that the directory has literally thousands of editors so sites are validated very quickly compared to Yahoo. If you have a Celtic Christian site or find a good one that is not listed there please sumbit it in the appropriate section. Also if you have some spare time and have a particular field interest please sign up as an editor for your own sub section.

Celtic Christian Mailing Lists

The Celtic Christian Mailing List

The Modern Celtic Worship Mailing List

Celtic Announcement Mailing List

Do you have a question or announcement about Celtic Christianity that you would like to publish? Post it to The Celtic Christian Announcements Mailing List
Or post it here. Many people will see your message within minutes. It's a lot more reliable than me!

Celtic Christian Sites

The Isle of Iona

Celtic Saints

The Celtic Saints

Celtic Liturgy

The Lorrha Missal

This The Lorrha Missal is a translation from the Latin and Gaelic Missal transcribed at Lorrha Monastery in the Ninth Century. The form of the Liturgy and Services of Baptism and Unction found here reflect a true Celtic usage dating before 650 AD. Many thanks to Fr. Maelruain (Kristopher) Dowling passing this on to me and thanks to Tom Kreitzberg for his early HTML conversion.

Other Internet Sites

Celtic and Old English Saints of the Orthodox Church

A website devoted to Celtic and Old English Saints of the Orthodox Church.


Praise-Him an internet store based in Edinburgh, Scotland have a nice selection of Celtic music CDs for sale.

The Celtic Christianity e-Library

The Celtic Christianity e-Library at the University of Lampeter in Wales is an initiative of the Centre for the Study of Religion in Celtic Societies. Its aim is to provide access to machine-searchable sources for the study of Celtic and Insular Christianity. Original language text and English translation are provided where possible.

The Celtic Christian Webring Index has a full list of sites in the ring.

Yahoo's Celtic Christian Links

Miscellaneous Links

Other Celtic Christian Sites

The Celtic Christian Webring

My Celtic Christian Booklist

My Celtic Christian Booklist

Celtic Christian News

This site is one of the oldest Celtic Christian sites on the Internet. In the early days of this page there wasn't really a place to ask questions about Celtic Christianity on the Internet so I used to edit questions sent to me in email and put them up here.

Now, I encourage people to leave a message or announcement here.

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Thanks for taking the time to look at this page. If you have any information relating to Celtic Christianity that you would like me include feel free to e-mail me and tell me how to link to your page. I am especially interested in non-copyright, unless you happen to own the copyright, prayers & poems in the Celtic style. Also any historical information about St.Patrick, St.Columba, Iona, Holy Island etc. would be especially welcome. I'm sorry but in most cases I can't answer historical questions via e-mail.

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The Celtic Christian Webring is group of Celtic Christian sites that link to each other in ring.
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