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 Rock'n Roll Comics - The Cure

edited by Todd Loren
written by Jay Allen Sanford
drawn by Greg Fox
cover art by Scott Jackson
published by Revolutionary Comics,Inc

year 1991
pages 32
Rock'n Roll Comics - The Cure[6K]
To Order : Re-Visionary Press
PO Box 15934, San Diego CA 92175, USA

Tel. 800-ROK-COMX

Re-Visionary Press said that there's a handful of this comic on sale at $10.00 US. And they also sell original hand drawn art from this.
(updated on 9th January, 2000)

No, it's NOT a book, but it's related to some books on The Cure. Somehow it looks like a kind of quiz book and it interests me. Obviously, a cartoonist of this comic referred to the photographs in the book " Ten Imaginary Years", "A Visual Documentary" or something to draw the comic. You can find lots of familiar scenes in it. Comic itself isn't satisfied though...
Anyway Robert has read this comic. It's proved "Questions" in an official newsletter, Curenews #14:

Q: Have you seen the Cure comic book? Do you like it?
R: The one where I meet "Death" on a plane?
It's excellent! And frighteningly true...?
a double-page[7K]
Click the pictures to see their larger versions.
[cover: 49K, double-page: 34K]
Would you like to see the whole pages of the comic? You can see them at the "A Chain of Flowers" site by Mr. Craig Parker. Here's a link:
A Chain of Frowers : Cure Comic

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