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 THE CURE Discographie illustrée

THE CURE Discographie illustrée (French edition)[13K] written by
Philippe Raymond and Jean-François Moreau
published by Voodoo Smile

75 bis rue Aristide Briand 94430 Chennevières, France
ISBN 2-9505259-0-3
year 1991
pages 90
out of print
double-page [16K]
Click the pictures to see their larger versions.
[cover: 20K, double-page: 33K]

French edition. It is an illustrated guide to The Cure's releases from "Killing An Arab" in 1978 to "Mixed Up" in 1990 from all over the world. Although the book is printed in black and white, it is edited and layouted very well as a discography.
It has over two hundred photographs of The Cure's unique releases, which includes a few rare ones like a white sleeve of a UK promo copy "Birdmad Girl/ Shake Dog Shake/ Bananafishbones" or a Greek cassette "The Top". Neither of them is carried on the book " Cure On Records". The book also has 25 great photographs of The Cure.

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