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1996 VIDEO TANK TVK ( approx. 32 minutes )

1996 VIDEO TANK[10k]
1996 VIDEO TANK[11k]

A special program of The Cure was broadcasted by TVK, a local TV station in Japan, June 1996. They interviewed Robert on March 6, 1996 at Jane Seymour's manor in Bath, England, and recorded The Cure's live performances on film at the same time.
I already heard that The Cure played three songs, The 13th, Mint Car and Club America from an album for this program, so I was really waiting for it... But the director of TVK was so stupid that he only paid attention to the interview with Robert. He edited the live film to pieces without thought, also completely ruined the value of the film. How ridiculous!
In spite of that, I simply enjoyed to have a chance to see the program, especially Robert's interview because I have little opportunities to see The Cure on TV. The program also carried the video clips "Never Enough" and "The 13th".

Here is the text of part of Robert's interview transcribed by Soli and the QuickTime movie of the interview!

Transcription Quick Time Movie (2.3M)

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