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CD Galore The Singles 1987-1997
December 5th 1997
Polydor (POCP-7261)

Galore booklet[8K]
Galore CD[15K]

32-page booklet.
At last, the CD "Galore" was released here in Japan five weeks after Europe and America released.
It has Obi and a 32-page booklet printed in black and white. The booklet includes songwords both in Japanese and English, and also Robert's "Song Thoughts" translated into Japanese.

  VHS video MTV Unplugged Finest Moments Volume 2
December 5th 1997
CIC Victor Video (PMT 35011)
MTV Unplugged[14K]
Two video tapes titled "MTV Unplugged Finest Moments Volume 1 & 2" were released here in Japan in1997.
As the title says, it's a series of video tapes compiled several excellent scenes from the well-known program "MTV Unplugged". Each tape includes 9 songs played by various musicians, and the Volume 2 carries The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" recorded at the Limehouse Studio in London, January 24th 1991. Also a small picture of Robert appears on its front cover, sandwiched between Oasis and Elvis Costello.

  CD Japanese Whispers

September 26th 1997
Polydor (POCP-9104)
Japanese Whispers CD[9K]
Polydor in Japan reissued the CD "Japanese Whispers". That's the third times the album was released as a CD here in Japan.
A Japanese copy of CD is usually sold for 2,500 yen but it is surprisingly priced at 1,200 yen.


July 1997
Polydor (POCP-1562)
The one and only 80's CD[15K]
Includes The Cure "The Lovecats" and Siouxsie and the Banshees "Dear Prudence" which Robert plays guitar.

  DVD Promo Lights Music Video Clip! Hits 5

June 18th 1997
Pony Canyon (PCBP-00021)
DVD Hits 5[13K]
I didn't notice it until not long ago that there was DVD related to The Cure released in June 1997 in Japan. Because the DVD player has not yet been popularized, there are only a few advertisements for the DVD releases.
This DVD "Promo Lights Music Video Clip! Hits" is a series of compilation discs which include lots of video clips performed by various bands.
5 discs were released at the same time, and The Cure's video clip "The 13th" appeared on the fifth series together with Blur, All About Eve, The Cardigans and more.

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