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October 25th 1998
east west japan (AMCY-2880)
The X-files[16K]
Finally, soundtrack CD "THE X-FILES: THE ALBUM" was released in Japan four months after in America released.
Includes The Cure "More Than This". It has the obi and the lyric sheet written in English and Japanese, but the lyric of "More Than This" has lots of mistakes in it. Obviously, it's not proofread by Robert himself.

CD for the MASSES

August 12th 1998
Polydor (POCM-1247)
for the Masses CD[13K]
Depeche Mode Tribute album "for the MASSES" was released in Japan on August 12th 1998.
Includes The Cure's version of "World In My Eyes". It has nothing special but Obi as usual.

VHS video Galore The Videos 1987-1997
January 1st 1998
PolyGram Video (POVP-1048)
Galore video cover[10K] Galore video spine[5K]
In Japan "Galore" video was released on January 1st, 1998.
It has a lyric sheet as usual. Its spine has a blurb which says "BEST HITS". I was surprised by it because I've never heard calling "Galore" BEST HITS before. Robert was keen to avoid calling it "Greatest Hits", "Best of..." or something, wasn't he?

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