The Mall pt. 1

Screwdriver (John Harrison)
A maintenance worker at Penny's, Screwdriver spent his days repairing blown lights and broken display locks. While this may sound like a trivial existence, he enjoyed it immensely. As the zombie problem grew and it became obvious that the mall was in danger of being abandoned, he donned his uniform one last time and went over to the mall, where he committed ritualistic suicide. Unfortunately, it wasn't known at that early stage that a brain death was the only way to stop reanimation and, subsequently, he returned to life. So dedicated was he in his former life that, as a zombie, he mindlessly returned to his post. One might even speculate to say that he was happy. Happy, that is, until Roger 'screwed' him.

Security Guard
A security officer for the Monroeville Mall, Security Guard used to spend his off-hours in the bar at the Brown Derby. There he would pass the time trying to impress prospective mates with the wealth of health benefits his job bestowed. On one such night, as he was making his way to his car in the parking lot, he encountered a member of the living dead. Mistaking him for a car thief, he quickly jumped into action. But, as fate would have it, he was bitten. Upon resurrection he stumbled back to the mall and returned to his post.
The Krishna
While life and death are all-important to the life of a Krishna, when the zombie plague ravaged the nation these mild mannered vegetarians were some of the first to fall. Always trying to promote their beliefs, they had developed an uncanny ability to sense where a prospective new member might be hiding out. This proved to be a valuable ability after becoming zombies, as they could sense where a potential victim was most likely hiding.

The Girl with the Yellow and the Green Striped Shirt
To some, just an average idling zombie in the background of the mall. But to those who can tell true zombie presence, this zombie, The Girl with the Yellow and the Green Striped Shirt, is the embodiment of zombieism. Her graceless stumbling, her low slung head, her graying complexion and--that shirt! What a zombie!

The Fat Man
Once one of those people you read about that grow so large they can't even leave their homes, the Fat Man spent years in bed suffering from a major weight problem. It wasn't until he was bitten by a living dead neighbor that he was able to obtain the mobility to step outside and 'enjoy' the world around him. For him, though in the minority, the coming of the zombie actually represents freedom.

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