(A.K.A., Where The Cool People Work)

Sidney Berman (David Early)
TV interviewer for WGON. Sidney Berman, like most men of the 1970s, had a penchant for ties with knots the size of basketballs. As a typical TV host, Berman was more interested in what controversy he could dig up than getting at the truth of a matter. His specialty was in antagonizing his show's guests.
Dr. James Foster (David Crawford)
Government scientist in charge of public zombie awareness. Dr. James Foster's job included the unenviable position of traveling to TV stations across the nation and conducting interviews where he would try to answer the irate public's questions about the zombie situation. By the time he made his way to Philadelphia's WGON, Dr. Foster was ready for a well-needed, and well-deserved vacation.
Mr. Givens (Daniel Dietrich)
Station manager for Philadelphia's once fledging WGON. When the onslaught of zombies closed all other TV stations, Givens found his station with a 100% share of the market. Unfortunately, all the sponsors had closed shop and he wasn't able to enjoy the monetary benefits of his oft dreamed of situation. Still, like a dog trained to salivate at the ring of a bell, a monopoly of the airwaves had his little heart pounding with greedy joy.
The Camera Man
Conniving and with always an ear open in case he could eavesdrop on some juicy piece of news that might advance him professionally, The Camera Man had gotten to his position by less than ethical means. After his crafty nature became known, the crew began to torture him with false rumors whispered just within earshot to annoy and confuse him.
An old-timer, Charlie had been working at the station since the days of that hit 50s show 'Dimpy the Clown'. (Even before the Dimpy and the 'open mike' incident.) Always willing to do what ever ordered, Charlie worried little if his orders went against common sense. Always willing to please, he moved up the ranks until settling into his position as radio operator.
The Director
A film graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology, The Director was quick to make a name for himself with a well-made, low-budget independent horror film. But lasting success was fleeting. Subsequent movies lacked the strength and conviction of the first. After several failures he found himself unable to secure financing for anymore films. After relying on commercials and documentaries to pay the rent, The Director finally accepted a gig at WGON. There, he developed a chain-smoking habit and fought constantly with the shows' producer, leading the crew to snicker how they acted just like an old married couple.
Crew member at WGON, Dan was in charge of pushing lighted buttons and pulling different neat-looking switches located on the various counsels of the studio. A 'team player', Dan was always trying to agree with whatever the opinion of the moment happened to be.

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