Apartment 107 Raid
(A.K.A., Another Perfect Example Of The 'Man' Misrepresenting The Will Of The People)

Wooley (Jim Baffico)
Maniacal SWAT officer who enjoyed his job just a bit too much. A bigoted 'good ol' boy', Wooley was sent over the edge during the now legendary 'Taking of Apartment Complex 107' massacre. Guns were his life; beer was his life, talkin' crap was his life, too. Only able to relate to his own kind, several tenants of ethnic backgrounds different from inbred Wooley were brought down due to his uncontrolled actions. Divine intervention was exercised when he was 'removed' from activity by a quick thinking, still-as-yet unidentified fellow SWAT officer.
Roy Tucker (Rod Stouffer)
Fresh out of SWAT training camp, Roy Tucker was completely unprepared for the raids on civilian buildings to reclaim the dead. He had only joined the SWAT because he thought guns were 'cool' and that he could impress chicks with action packed tales of bravery under fire. Though he packed a pistol at all times, bringing it to local hangouts where he'd give the ladies a chance to touch 'it', he was perturbed to find that they didn't get turned-on and swoon over his tales of shoot-outs with decomposing senior citizens and minority types. Wound up as fodder in the battle for Apartment Complex 107.
SWAT Guy 1
Your typical, generic SWAT officer, SWAT Guy 1 liked to get lost in a crowd of blue jump suits and M-16 rifles. In particular, he enjoyed that anonymous feeling he got when donning a gas mask with fellow officers and then bum rushing a den full of 'bad guys'. Always ready to do anything told, he was particularly fond of orders that involved lots of SWAT, lots of killing, and due to the inability to tell who was doing what, experienced the joy of murder without fear of reprimand or guilt.
SWAT Guy 2
Once a professional fast-food chef with a resume that included KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell, and top-dog McDonald's, SWAT Guy 2 came to realize that the greasy life was not for him. He found his calling by learning how to eradicate 'evil doers' for the Philadelphia Police Special Forces. Unfortunately, the fine line between good and evil came to a head when he was called into shoot zombied civilians. The pressure proved too much and he took his own life during the Apartment 107 raid.
The Army Dude (Robert Williams)
Recruited into the army just two months shy of graduating high school, The Army Dude was typical of the misguided goals of the U.S. armed services recruitment centers. Before being fully educated in public schools, he found himself thrust into boot camp where any sort of intellectual development was quickly sent the wayside. Thus he, like many of his platoon, was incapable of doing anything but mindlessly follow orders. He also had a talent for arriving on the scene moments after all the hard work had already been done.
Old Priest (Jese Del Gre)
With a single leg, the Old Priest hobbled from apartment complex to apartment complex administering last rites to the dead he and his neighbors respected too much to treat simply like the animated flesh that the government spokesmen on TV insisted they were. After giving the people of 107 their last blessings, the Old Priest claimed to be looking for his sister on the seventh floor.

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