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Frank & Mary Kay Sapp - Presbyterian Missionaries in Nagoya, Japan

The SAPP Front Porch

Frank Sapp and Mary Kay Sapp


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The Global View From Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya Union Church

Related Presbyterian Educational Institutions

Kinjo Gakuin - (Board of Councillors )


Kinjo Home Stay Program

Hokuriku Gakuin - ( Past Board of Trustees - Frank Sapp)

Seiwa Girls School - (Board of Trustees - Frank Sapp)

Shikoku Christian College -(Board of Trustees - Frank Sapp)

Yodogawa Christian Hospital - ( Board of Trustees - Frank Sapp)

Yodogawa Christian Hospital Elder Health Facility-(Board of Trustees - Frank Sapp)

Asian Health Institute - Our Personal Doctor's Ministry

Shizuoka Evangelistic Center for the Blind - (Past Board of Trustees)

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Thoughts About Missions in Developed Countires

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Harugasumi (Thinking About Life)

Missionary Annie

The Sapps' 2002 Christmas Letter

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