MTB routes around Ome, Tokyo

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This page is still under construction - 3 or 4 routes still to be added and I am updating existing info on an ongoing basis. You can send feedback/comments to me by email.

Times are for a relatively strong hill cyclist - you will need to be in good physical condition to clock similar or better, especially on the longer routes as breaks are minimal.
Note that if you view the route using MapMyRun you can turn on elevation to see the course profile. The initial profile is quite accurate, however after you change the size of the profile window the elevation scale is too low by about 10% - I adjusted the scale on the screen captures in the reports accordingly..

The Garmin maps start/end at my home rather than Ome station but it's only 1km away.

Route 19 (Mabikizawa long circuit) is the ultimate MTB circuit, covering some great trails on both sides of Futatsutsuka-toge circuit - this is my recommended route for any intermediate or advanced cyclists looking for a good 1-day MTB cycle near Ome.

Routes 1-12 are all close to (or cross over) the Tokyo-Saitama border mountain ridge which runs all the way from Kosawa tunnel to Kumotori yama gradually gaining height with quite a few ups and downs along the way. Two of the MTB circuits (4,7) include a hiking trail section over this ridge, connecting mountain roads on either side. You need to carry your bike up some of the corresponding trails to the top. One of these trails, no.7 (Nanohane yama) is my favourite - the descent down Nanohane shoulder is very rewarding! Number 2 descends about 4km of the ridge on a hiking trail - this is also an excellent circuit, perfect for a short excursion.

Map of highest points on MTB routes

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1. 「高水」 Takamizu MTB circuit 1 (24km, 620m climb, 2hr15) from Ome
2. 「黒山」 Kuroyama MTB circuit (8.5km, 445m climb, 1hr) from Nariki
3. 「有間林道」 Arima rindo MTB circuit (59.15km, 1140m climb, 3.5hr) from Ome
4. 「日向沢の峠」 Hinatasawa-toge MTB circuit (76km, 1680m climb, 6hr) from Ome
5. 「天目林道」 Tenmoku rindo MTB hill climb (20.1km, 1092m climb, 2hr15) from Urayama
6. 「小川谷林道」 Ogawatani rindo MTB hill climb (18km, 900m climb, 1hr45) from Okutama
7. 「七羽山」 Nanahane yama MTB circuit (97.5km, 2500m climb, 7.5hr) (5+Nanahane+6) from Ome
8. 「大弛峠」 Odarumi MTB circuit (235km, 4655m climb, 14hr) from Ome
9. 「大丹波」 Otaba rindo MTB hill climb (22km, 630m climb, 1hr30) from Ome
10. 「真名井林道」 Manai rindo MTB hill climb (22.4km, 756m climb, 2hr) from Ome
11. 「赤杭」 Akaguna MTB circuit (15.1km, 750m climb, 2.5hr) from Kawai
12. 「高水山-岩茸石山」 Takamizu-Iwatakeishi MTB circuit (8.5km, 450m climb, 1hr30) from Nariki
13. 「梅野木峠」 Umenoki-toge MTB circuit (22.5km, 480m climb, 1hr40) from Ome
14. 「御岳」 Mitake yama MTB circuit () from Ome
15. 「黒沢・成木」 Kurosawa 3, Nariki 8 MTB trails (21.6km, 425m, 1hr30) from Ome
16. 「梅郷」 Baigo MTB trails (13.1km, 240m, 1hr) from Ome
17. 「赤ぼっこAkabokko MTB circuit (18.3km, 400m climb, 1hr40) from Ome
18. 「二ッ塚峠」 Futatsutsuka MTB circuit (17.5km, 400m climb, 1hr35) from Tomoda
19. 「馬引沢Mabikizawa MTB long circuit (36km, 800m climb, 3hr20) from Ome

20. 「七国峠」 Shichikoku-toge MTB circuit () from Ome
21. 「入山峠」 Iriyama-toge, Kariyose yama MTB circuit () from Itsukaichi
22. 「和田峠」 Wada toge MTB circuit () from Itsukaichi
23. 「大菩薩峠」 Daibosatsu-toge MTB circuit () from Ome

For more detailed information on any of these routes, you can contact me by email : Denis O'Connell