Road bicycle routes around Ome, Tokyo

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This page is still under construction.
Since I purchased a Garmin Edge 705 in Feb 2009, I have stopped manually mapping routes and will instead upload from Garmin after cycling each route.
I now expect to have info for at least 15 routes listed below available by end May 2009.
Additionally, I am updating existing info on an ongoing basis. You can send feedback/comments to me by email.

Times are for a relatively strong hill cyclist - you will need to be in good physical condition to clock similar or better, especially on the longer routes as breaks are minimal.
Note that if you view the route using MapMyRun you can turn on elevation to see the course profile. The initial profile is quite accurate, however after you change the size of the profile window the elevation scale is too low by about 10% - I adjusted the scale on the screen captures in the reports accordingly..

Additionally, the GPS maps start/end at my home rather than Ome station but it's only 1km away.

Map of highest points on ROAD routes
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1. u“ŒŒá–ìv Higashi Agano circuit 1 from Ome (48.66km, 850m climb, 2hr) or (57km, 1,400m climb, 2hr 34) GPS
2. u Žq‚ÌŒ Œ»1v Nenogongen circuit 1 from Ome (50.3km, 925m climb, 2hr15) or (59km, 1260m climb 2hr45) GPS
3. u Žq‚ÌŒ Œ»2v Nenogongen circuit 2  from Ome (64km, 1200m climb, 2hr45)
4. u ‰œ•‘ ƒOƒŠ[ƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“ 1v Okumusashi green line 1 (Kariba-saka, Shomaru-toge) from Ome (77.5km, 1500m climb, 3hr05) or (76.8km, 1900m climb,  3hr20) GPS
5. u Š êâ“»2v Karibasaka circuit 2 from Ome ()
6. u ‰œ•‘ ƒOƒŠ[ƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“ 2v Okumusashi green line 2 (Ogose-Nagasawa sen) from Ome (86km, 1900m climb, 3hr50) 
7. u Š™–kŒÎv Kamakita-ko from Ome ()
8. u‘å–ì“Œ¼ŽRüv Ohno-Higashimatsuyama sen ()
9. u“ñ–{–Ø“»v Nihongi pass from Ome (135km, 2500m climb, 6hr)
10. u’è•ô“»v Sadamine pass from Ome ()
11. u¬–ØHCv Nariki hill climb from Nariki (5km)
12. u—LŠÔ“»v Arima pass circuit 1 from Ome ()
13. uŽO•ôHCv Mitsumine HC from Ome (157.5km, 3100m climb, 7hr) GPS
14. u”~ƒm–Ø“»v Umenoki pass circuit 2 from Ome (24.5km, 700m climb, 1hr17) GPS
15. u‹˜v Nokogiri circuit from Ome ()
16. u•—’£“»1v Kazahari circuit 1 (Kazahari rindo, Okutama) from Ome (82km, 1380m climb, 3hr25) GPS
17. u•—’£“»2v Kazahari circuit 2 (Kazahari rindo, Hinonara kaido) from Ome (81.5, 1660m climb, 3hr35) GPS
18. u•—’£“»3v Kazahari circuit 3 (Hinonara kaido, Okutama) from Ome ()
19. u¬›1v Kosuge circuit 1 (Kobu tunnel) from Ome ()
20. u¬›2v Kosuge circuit 2 (Jimba kaido) from Itsukaichi ()
21. u¡ì“»v Imagawa pass from Ome (109km, 2075m climb, 4hr30) GPS
22. u¼•P“»v Matsuhime pass from Ome (132.6km, 2145m climb, 5hr15) GPS
23. u‘å“»v Ootouge circuit from Ome (157.7km, 3163m, 6hr53) GPS
24. u–ö‘ò“»v Yanagisawa pass from Ome ()
25. u‘å•ìŽF“»v Daibosatsu from Ome (186km, 3677m climb, 7hr35) GPS


For more detailed information on any of these routes, you can contact me by email : Denis O'Connell